Manage your company's travel
Optimize processes & drive budget efficiency
No hidden fees for flight or railway tickets
Business intelligence data
Corporate loyalty programs with leading airlines
Travel-policy and cost control tactics
Flights tickets with no mark ups
With honesty

We sell flight tickets for the price we receive from airlines. No extra cost
Great choice

More than 600 airlines available on Trivio

Compare various flight options and combine

With our direct integrations, 6 GDS ensure best price guaranteed.
Enroll to airline loyalty programs and get bonus miles to your corporate account, which can be redeemed for new ticket purchases.
Airline reward programs up to 10%
more than 1 million accommodation options around the world
Railway tickets
from anywhere to anywhere
cabs and premium drive with chauffer service in more than 90 countries
VIP-lounges, visa support, travel insurance, concierge services
also , Trivio is about...
Saving your budget
Travel policy
Set up your limits for corporate travel so your employees can follow by specific criteria: price, service cabin, destination, airline and many other parameters
Corporate approval hierarchy
Apply internal approval hierarchy for your employees travel: multi-level, depending on employee's grade or purpose of travel. Line manager may approve duty travel expense via online platform, mobile app or right thru the email notification.
Business intelligence
For the monitoring purposes on travel-policy compliance we have reports that shows areas for expense optimization. Want to see report by each staff or department? require more complex report? Easy!
Invoices and reporting docs are available online. All data is available for finance team for easy access from any device.
Travel manager
Access to Trivio platform given only to travel managers in charge of travel arrangements within company. Travel manager role usually performed by PAs in a smaller size companies.
Self booking tool
Each employee handles own travel arrangements. Thanks to travel-policy employee will not go beyond the limits set by the management, unless it gets approved.
We work hard to provide quality assistance because we care for your needs. Our support team are highly qualified experts because we can for your Trivio experience.
Your personal support
Always online
24/7 is not just timing, for us at Trivio is the commitment of confidence that we bring to our clients anytime, by email, messengers or phone call.
All our staff are experienced in what they do with sofisticated business travel competencies.
Triviq - designed to help leaders effectively control and optimize travel spending, improve ROI and precisely budget future travel plans. Massive data to consume? With Triviq it could not be simpler.
Statistics & analytics
All expenses in detail
Statistics by airline
Hotel programs compatibility
Travel-policy violations
Frequent traveler programs
What if analysis
Consultancy based on travel data
Airline & hotel corporate deals
Select flights on user-friendly
Travel content at the best price within seconds. Booked. Ready to travel
Pay for services received from your corporate account
Payment documents
Reporting docs in the format you need. Precisely on time
It's very simple!
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